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Empower your government clinicians with targeted learning proven to accelerate competency, reduce adverse events, and improve patient outcomes.


Intuitive, Research-Backed Tools That Promote Optimal, Consistent Care

Comprehensive learning solutions that: 

  • Identify each staff member's strengths and weaknesses from day one.
  • Provide verified, personalized improvements.
  • Build competency and confidence through intuitive, advanced learning.
  • Provide safe, optimal care every day.

Competency Evaluations

Relias Assessments

Skills Checklists

Ensure safe treatment with Competency Evaluations. Evaluate new hires' ability to provide role-specific care with digital, mobile-optimized tools.

Eliminate unnecessary training and identify clinicians' strengths and knowledge gaps with clinical, behavioral, and situational scenarios.  

Provide consistent care with Skills Checklists. Observe basic tasks that all clinicians need to maintain proper care and track them digitally.


Make informed training and placement decisions 

Leverage Relias Assessments to pinpoint knowledge gaps in your staff, place talent in roles that fit their strengths, and develop your staff members to their full abilities.

See the success story below for more details on how our solutions can help governmental agencies, such as yours, thrive.

Success story

Reduce onboarding time by one-third with validated assessments

In the first four months of the program at three of the system facilities, the client reported a cost savings of $295,000 by preparing nurses for independent practice sooner and reducing dual staffing costs. The system then planned expansion to all hospitals with an additional savings estimated to exceed $975,000.


reduction in weeks of onboarding


of med/surg nurses exceeded the Modified Angoff score for the assessment at 8 weeks 


Optimize learning experiences and use data insights at scale

Technology-driven solutions enable government agencies to incorporate adult learning theory to improve engagement, promote knowledge retention, and analyze data across the healthcare workforce. 

See how Relias Onboarding can:

  • Assess nurse readiness and personalize onboarding experiences.
  • Optimize seat time with personalized learning plans.
  • Provide actionable data insights for preceptor-led remediation.

Success story

Providence St. Joseph Health Increased improvement with Relias Onboarding and Relias OB

With the success of Relias Onboarding and the Clinical Academy, PSJH has not only continued to improve learning outcomes for labor and delivery nurses but also significantly improved the system’s nursing staffing/engagement challenges. 

Expense Reduction 




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

"A great way to layer education as well as to keep track of progress and learner needs."

– Marta DeVolt, MN, RN-BC, RNC-OBProvidence St. Joseph Health Clinical Program Manager

Continuing Education

Give unlimited access at no cost to your clinicians

With the Relias Continuing Education solution, your organization can provide CE and CME at no cost to clinicians, removing their need to arrange training and boosting your retention rate by investing in their development.

Our CE content is created in-house and informed by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, national industry leaders, and instructional design experts. We assess courses at least every three years to meet the regulatory needs of 135+ accrediting bodies.

Relias OB


Promote Maternal and Perinatal Health

Our OB clinical library is proven to help clinicians reduce adverse events around the most common risk areas, including:

  • Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM) 
  • OB Hemorrhage
  • Hypertension
  • Shoulder Dystocia

"Relias OB is about changing behaviors, strengthening communication, and actually improving patient care on an ongoing basis."

– Katie Lydon, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CPXPDirector of Women and Children’s Health and NorthBay Medical Center


Proven Obstetric Outcomes

- 88%

Shoulder dystocia claims

- 96%

HIE litigation costs

- 77%

Peripartum hysterectomies

- 91%

Patients admitted to ICU for OH


Maternal deaths or claims related to OH or HDP2

- 68%

OB patients requiring

transfusions of ≥ 4 units RBCs

"It’s the best education tool out there. It’s a tool to educate doctors and nurses...there are so few tools like that." 

– Nancy Cossler, MD, Chief, System Quality for Obstetrics, University HospitalVice Chair, Quality & Patient Safety Associate Professor, Department of Reproductive Biology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

The Relias difference

Comprehensive assessment
A comprehensive assessment provides insight into clinicians’ mastery of knowledge and judgment, benchmarking individual scores and quantifying team variation.

Tailored learning plans
Relias OB delivers a personalized learning plan, excluding content clinicians have mastered, marked by red (required), yellow (recommended), and green (optional).

Real-time analytics
Relias OB provides data to identify and invest in areas of training that improve quality of care, increase patient safety, and reduce the risks of adverse events.

Engaging advanced content
Developed by medical experts, modules are delivered in easy-to-absorb, 2-8-minute segments, including videos, case studies, and interactive 3D animations with text.

See Why 8 out of 10 of the Largest Healthcare Organizations Choose Relias

Proven Technology

Unrivaled Content

Measurable Outcomes

In-House Experts

End-to-End Support


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