Thanks for Joining us at AWHONN!

We had a great time this year at AWHONN. We enjoyed all of our fruitful conversations and sharing our VR Obstetric learning simulation, partnered with Health Scholars. If you were not able to try it out or want to learn more about Relias, continue the conversation by reaching out to a Relias expert!

Recap: Relias at AWHONN


Relias and Health Scholars deliver an innovative training approach – answering the need to elevate care teams and reduce risk.


Titled "The Hardest Lessons to Learn", we teamed up with CommonSpirit Health to discuss how one acute care system is fighting back to save moms.


Personalized learning paths centered around developing high reliability, quality care teams.


Featured in the series Caring With Courage, Lora Sparkman shares her journey beyond the clinical walls.

Looking For Tools/Resources?


White Paper

Live Webinar

Healthcare organizations have a growing responsibility to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts not only for their employees, but also to better serve patients and their families. Learn how you should prioritize DEI efforts and why you must.

10+ key tools and resources complete with strategies, steps, and solutions to identify, understand, and reduce variation in care to save more mothers' lives now.

This webinar on May 24 outlines why DEI programming needs to be a core component of your healthcare business strategy—from HR initiatives to everyday patient-provider interactions.

Relias Solutions



When making hiring decisions, resumes are great, but how do you validate competencies reliably? Gain powerful insights into your candidates through our pre-hire assessments— helping you better understand their interests, skills, and competencies.

Make a good first impression with an engaging and effective personalized onboarding program to focus learning time on competency areas needing greater attention.



Invest in your employee’s education to drive careers at your organization. Access extensive content including simulations and real-world scenarios based on evidence-based practices to successfully manage increasing levels of acuity and complexity in diverse populations.

We understand that keeping up to date on regulatory and compliance is necessary but time-consuming. Efficiently manage completion at scale across your hospital system, enabling your staff to focus on delivering improved patient outcomes.