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Relias at a Glance

Relias solutions uniquely activate the workforce in a holistic fashion with engagement, continuity, and efficiency.

Reduce Risk

 Identify and reduce variation in care and improve patient safety with analytics, provider and nurse assessments, and evidence-based education tailored to the individual.

Educate & Retain

Recruit best-fit talent and continually educate your staff with award-winning content that eases administrative burdens, reduces turnover, and develops your staff.

Stay Compliant

Manage the everchanging regulations federally, departmentally, and even across states. With Relias you can reduce risk for non-compliance with tracking and reports all in one place.

Why 8 out of 10 of the Largest Healthcare Organizations Choose Relias

Proven technology

Unrivaled content

Measurable outcomes

In-house experts

End-to-end support

How Relias Does it:

Improve clinical knowledge and judgment through personalized learning paths that accelerate care quality, drive high reliability, and improve patient outcomes.

Efficiently onboard OB nurses through focused learning, allowing for a quicker time to practice without sacrificing outcomes, but instead improving competency and increasing nurse satisfaction.

Comprehensive easy-to-absorb content that supports retention, strengthens competency for busy clinicians, and encourages leadership development.

Knowing how to prevent, assess, and treat wounds such as pressure injuries can bring better patient outcomes, higher quality ratings, and reduced financial penalties.

Gauge job fit based on clinical, behavioral, and situational assessments. Combined, these assessments strongly correlate to on-the-job performance and eventually, sustainability in a chosen role.

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